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League Opposes Contra Aid

September 24, 1987

The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles, which represents over 1,000 members in the Los Angeles area, supports the position of our national league that the government of the United States should seek to protect its interests at home and abroad through the use of non-military means.

The league's immediate concern is the U.S. involvement in Central America, especially with the Administration's insistence to support the contras in an effort to overthrow the Nicaraguan government.

Based upon the league's position regarding U.S. relations with developing countries, determined by member consensus following a year-long study and analysis of the issues, we strongly believe that U.S. military assistance to the contras, including non-lethal aid, is not an appropriate means to promote U.S. interests.

We also believe that U.S. aid should not be used to overthrow governments.

Therefore, we oppose any aid to the contras--lethal or non-lethal--in any amount, in any legislative vehicle.

We support the peace plan to which the presidents of all the Central American countries (including President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua) have agreed.

Contra aid is a policy that can only undermine the attempts of the Central American governments to begin a peace process.

They desperately need peace in order to address their region's long-term social and economic problems. It is in our national interest to help them attain it.



League of Women Voters

of Los Angeles

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