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Tough Trivia Quiz: How Many Answers Can You Get Right?

September 24, 1987

OK, pour yourself another cup of coffee and prepare to be frustrated. Here are 10 problems and trivia questions from Scot Morris' Games column in Omni magazine. The answers are on Page 8.

1) An electric train heads northeast at 80 miles per hour. The wind is blowing eastward at 20 miles per hour. In what direction will the smoke from the engine point?

2) A subway train is approaching Times Square at 144 inches per second (ips). A man in one subway car is walking forward at 36 ips, relative to the seats. He is eating a foot-long hot dog, which is entering his mouth at the rate of two ips. An ant on the hot dog is running away from the man's mouth at one ips. How fast is the ant approaching Times Square?

3) Punctuate the following sentence so it makes sense: Norman while Louise had had had had had had had had had had had the teacher's approval.

4) Which word from the bottom line belongs with those in the top?

bag storm bank bar

moon floor store dune

5) You have two coins in your pocket, totaling 35 cents. One is not a quarter. What are the coins?

6) A piece of solid iron in the shape of a doughnut is heated over a fire. As the iron expands, does the hole become larger or smaller or does it remain the same size?

7) Name three sporting events that are won by moving backward.

8) What are the next four numbers in this series: 12, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3?

9) What is the maximum number of parts into which a circle may be divided by drawing four straight lines?

10) What large U.S. city has the same name as an animal?

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