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September 26, 1987

I was outraged to read Lois Bonfiglio's statement in Mills' article.

Bonfiglio, Jane Fonda's partner in Fonda Films, stated that women seeking friendship and bonding are "not just housewives sitting around together having coffee."

This comment was a thoughtless, arrogant and just plain stupid denigration of housewives.

First of all, many "just housewives" like myself are well-educated professional women who have either temporarily or permanently left the paid work force to raise our children in a society with inadequate child-care facilities.

Second, why can't housewives drinking coffee together (if they have the time!) also be attempting to create friendships and bonds?

Bonfiglio seemed to be implying that housewives are less intelligent than other women.

As a Phi Beta Kappa with a master's degree, I strongly resent the suggestion. I believe Bonfiglio owes an apology to all women for her outrageous statement. How can men be expected to change their attitudes if supposedly "enlightened" women like her perpetuate stereotypes about women who have chosen a different life style?


Los Angeles

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