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The Donna Rice Story

September 27, 1987

Well, you did it again!

You devoted entirely too much space to Donna Rice (Calendar Letters, Sept. 20).

So much of the famous next-to-last page of Sunday's Calendar had something to do with Donna Rice that the rest of the letters had to be thrown onto three other pages in the midst of things under the title of "Letters Annexes."

You went against the requests of your readers, who were simply bothered by the extent to which Paul Rosenfield publicized Donna Rice's situation ("The Path to Hollywood," by Paul Rosenfield, Sept. 13).

Two or 3 of the 11 letters that were run could easily have been chosen to represent the majority of your readers, who really don't care about Donna Rice.

In the future, I think you should listen to your readers' comments, and not print them all. Especially when they don't like to read about the subject they're writing about. I know this seems a bit ironic, but I know you'll do something about it.



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