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Arts Center's Empty Seats

September 27, 1987

We went to see "Big River" at the stunning new Performing Arts Center and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, the acoustics and the lush splendor of the theater.

However, it is deplorable that half the seats were unoccupied. I asked an attendant, and she verified my guess. Of course it is expensive--$70 for the two of us in the second tier.

But why not give those empty seats to senior citizens, who deserve a break living on social security.

One call to a senior citizens center would cause a lot of happiness and entertainment for an appreciative audience.

Or, as a former high school teacher, I know the drama teacher would value having tickets for students so that they could better learn their craft and thus benefit us all one day.

Certainly all students could learn from seeing Huckleberry.

And wouldn't the performers rather play to a full house?

What a waste.



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