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Westminster Mall to Announce Multimillion-Dollar Face Lift

September 29, 1987|MARY ANN GALANTE

Westminster Mall, the county's second-highest-grossing retail center in 1986 by a mere $10 million in sales, will try to fight off competition with a soon-to-be-announced multimillion-dollar face lift.

The two-year renovation will take place in several phases, beginning with the ground breaking next month for a new food court. The mall's existing fast-food area will be gutted and will probably be replaced by retail and specialty shops. The new food area will be built on the mall's upper level and is scheduled to open next spring.

Mall planners have also considered slicing off the roof in the center of the mall and adding skylights to give it a modern, bright and airy look.

Meanwhile, discussions have also been held on adding retail boutique areas on the second and third levels. "The entire area is being redesigned and may incorporate both areas," said a knowledgeable source, who asked not to be named.

The remodeling, scheduled to be announced next week, has been planned for 2 1/2 years.

Plans remained sketchy Monday, but in an interview last December a mall official said a major expansion plan then envisioned building two new stores of up to 3,000 square feet each in the center portion of the mall, with additional smaller stores.

The remodeling is being done "definitely because of the competition," a source said. "It's to try to increase business for the merchants that are here and to keep the mall in the number-two slot in Orange County. That could only be helped by a face lift and upgrading."

A second source added, "It will add a little bit of flair to the mall."

Westminster Mall does not plan to close during the renovation.

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