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Compaq Unveils 2 PCs That Use Intel's Advanced Chip

September 30, 1987|Associated Press

NEW YORK — Compaq Computer introduced a new portable personal computer and a new desktop PC that use the advanced 80386 microprocessor from Intel Corp.

Announcing the new computers Tuesday, Compaq called its Portable 386 "pound-for-pound the most powerful computer ever built," and its Deskpro 386-20 "the fastest and most powerful personal computer available."

The computers are designed for experienced business users, Compaq said.

Japanese rival Toshiba Corp. beat Compaq to the punch last Friday by being the first to introduce a portable PC using the high-powered Intel chip, which has as much raw processing speed as the mainframe computers of a few years ago.

Compaq's Portable 386 "serves the increasing requirement for larger amounts of memory and improved system performance that has been fueled by the growing sophistication of large databases, complex spreadsheets and computer-aided design and engineering applications," Compaq President and Chief Executive Rod Canion told a news conference.

The portable starts at 20 pounds and features up to 10 megabytes (10 million characters) of 32-bit random access memory, as many as 100 megabytes of shock-mounted fixed disk storage, an optional 80387 co-microprocessor and an optional expansion unit.

The Portable 386 is available in two models, Model 40 with a suggested retail price of $7,999 and Model 100 with a recommended price tag of $9,999.

The Deskpro 386-20 features up to 300 megabytes of shock-mounted fixed disk storage and as many as 16 megabytes of 32-bit random access memory.

The desktop computer comes in three models, 60, 130 and 300, with suggested retail prices of $7,499, $9,499 and $12,499, respectively.

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