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Facts and Figures on the Festival

September 30, 1987|BARBARA MILLER

Dates: Sept. 3-27.

Events: The festival featured 177 performances of 37 productions at nine locations by 352 artists from 21 nations. About 80 performances were sold out. Overall attendance was about 150,000.

Tickets: Official ticket figures will not be available until Friday, but a local ticket agency reported that the response was enormous. Circus seats reportedly were selling for as much as $50 (rather than the authorized $17.50), $90 "Mahabharata" tickets were sold for $135 and La La La Human Steps and Wooster Group tickets, officially priced at $25 for the best seats, went for $60.

Souvenirs: The hottest-selling item reportedly was a white shirt with the festival logo. Final sales figures will be available later.

Cancellations: British New Wave dancer Michael Clark's three-night stand at the Doolittle Theatre was cut to two when a feverish Clark, thought to have measles, couldn't perform Sept. 5. No other performances were canceled.

Delays: Due to a power failure at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, last Saturday's performances of "The Mahabharata" and Compagnie Maguy Marin's "May B" were each delayed about two hours.

Sightseeing: Disneyland topped the "must-see" list of most out-of-town festival artists. Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre insisted (in its contract) that its members be taken to the beach every day. Twenty-nine drivers were available to transport artists all over the Southland. Total miles logged: 119,000.

Ejected: Michael Clark from Disneyland. His attire--leather chaps with holes cut in them--did not fit the amusement park's dress code.

Returnees: Le Cirque du Soleil, the highly lauded one-ring theatrical circus, will return to the Los Angeles area in November, after its engagement Friday-Oct. 18 at Balboa Park in San Diego. Information: (619) 544-9520. The Wooster Group and La La La Human Steps are discussing ways to return, though no definite plans have been made.

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