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Morning Briefing

Sanders Proves He's Qualified for the Job

September 30, 1987

Running back Chuck Sanders, who played at Slippery Rock, was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers in training camp. He said at the time he wouldn't accept the $1,000 offered him to return in case of a strike.

It was later revealed that Sanders had accepted the money even before he told a reporter he wouldn't cross a union picket line.

After arriving at the non-union camp, Sanders issued a terse "No comment" when asked about the remarks. But Sanders' comments didn't escape his new teammates.

"We've named him our scab team player representative," running back Dan Reeder said.

Add Steelers: The non-union team has been dubbed the Pittsburgh Stealers. Other names suggested around the country include Los Angeles Masqueraiders, Los Angeles Ramposters, Detroit Cowardly Lions, Philadelphia Illeagles and Seattle Seascabs.

If Rick Neuheisel accepts San Diego's offer, there could be four former UCLA quarterbacks in action Sunday. The others are Steve Bono with Pittsburgh, David Norrie with the New York Jets and Matt Stevens with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bono already is involved in a quarterback controversy. He's being challenged by former United States Football League star Reggie Collier, who was released earlier by the Dallas Cowboys.

Said Miami Dolphins assistant coach David Shula when asked how his job has changed: "We've gone from trying to prepare for Lawrence Taylor to showing people how to line up for a huddle."

Trivia Time: When Willie Mays broke in with the New York Giants and Henry Aaron with the Milwaukee Braves, each took over the position of what player? (Answer below.)

When the Minnesota Twins acquired Don Baylor, the word was that the club was counting on his experience and leadership to carry them in the stretch drive.

Forget it.

Said Manager Tom Kelly: "I don't believe much in that leadership stuff. We got Don Baylor to hit the ball for us."

Said Iowa State football Coach Jim Walden when asked about his team's chances against Oklahoma Saturday: "Are you sadistic, or what? I thought about not showing up, but what can we do but play the game?"

From Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman, asked if he was intimidated by Tiger Stadium when the Buckeyes played Louisiana State at Baton Rouge: "No. There's only one real Tiger Stadium, and that's in Massillon."

Spielman prepped in Massillon, Ohio, which calls itself the high school football capital of the world.

If you don't think this is the age of specialization, Colorado Coach Bill McCartney announced that two-time All-American punter Barry Helton will punt only when Colorado is on or outside the opposing 45. If a punting situation occurs between the opposing 45 and 35, junior Keith English will kick, with an eye on the coffin corner.

Trivia Answer: Bobby Thomson. When Mays joined the Giants in 1951, he took Thomson's spot in center field and Thomson was moved to left field. In 1954, Aaron was brought up to take Thomson's place at Milwaukee when Thomson broke his ankle.


Baltimore Orioles coach Frank Robinson, betting he would win a home run hitting contest: "I can't lose. I'm using our pitchers."

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