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LETTER PURFIC : 4th Graders Find Ballet 'Icsicting' and Center 'Cunftere Bule'

October 02, 1987|RANDY LEWIS

During the Joffrey Ballet's recent engagement at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, the company's Joffrey II Dancers performed special programs for nearly 6,000 fourth-graders and special education students from several county elementary schools.

Introducing the children to the basics of ballet, the dancers presented excerpts from works including "Abstract Trio," "Eerie Night" and "The Twittering Machine."

Students at the Newland School in Huntington Beach wrote letters in response:

\o7 Thank you for leting me come see your ballet. I realy liked it a lot and I hope I can come to see it again. I love ballet so I want to be like you.

from, Magen

Your performance was great. I enjoyed the special effects best. I like the Jiggle and an Eary Night. Yet, I liked everything. But actually the dancers are the best part.

Sincerely, Kai

Today was a wonderfull day. We got to see the best Ballet I have ever seen. The lights were very nice the seanry to. It was kind of rude of the other kids to clap to the music. But they did not know beter. Thank you for this Wonderfull Day.

your friend, Jessica I am in the fourth grade and I went to the performaningarts building it was wonderful! I thought it would be boring but when I got there their were people waiting to see it so I new it had to be good. The dancers were very good I liked them alot.


I really enjoyed the Ballet the best part was the Love sean. I like the performaning arts Building it is so cunfter bule. Thank you for inviting us to the play.

Sincerly, Brandon

I like you play it was icsicting. . . . I liked the building. I liked the lights. I liked the inter duck shon. I liked the dancers that you picked.

unsigned Your performance was Beutiful. My favorite part was the Holloween treat. All of the performances are good. The performing art building is exelent in acomplichments. Thank you for letting me come.

Sincerly, John

Thank you very much for inviting are school to the performing arts center. I don't really like ballet very much but I loved your peformance. I thought it was wonderful. I hope I could she your performance again.

sincerly yours , Joanna I really enjoyed your performance. Thank you for inviting us. It was very funny. Thank you.

Sincerely, Mark

I realy enjoy your preforments. Did some of the dancers really start at the ages five and six? I liked the lights alot. My favorit was the shapes. Then I liked the Halloween treat. I also liked the fanaly. I was great. It was alot better than I thought it would be. Most the time the ballets are so boring that you could fall asleep. But not yours it was the most exiting ballet I have ever seen.

Your friend Ann

I thought your ballet was fantastict. I espiecialy liked the costumes you wear during the show. I liked how you jumped and turned in the air. Our class did not think ballet was good and we were suprised. Good luck on your next ballet performance.

Sincerely, Jeremy Thank you very much for letting us see your show for free! When I was little I took ballet and I liked it. Your steps and movements look familer. I liked your show very much.

Thank you, Jamie, age 10 I relly enjoyed the Joffrey Dancers. They are very good ballet dancers. Hope I can come again and see the good dancers dance. They were the best dancers I every saw.

From, Elena

I really liked your ballet and I want to see it again with my family. It must be hard to stand on your toes. You need lots of energy. My mom when she was young was in ballet for a long time but when she got older she came out of it.

Sincerly, Rebecca\f7

(The Joffrey II performances were co-sponsored by the Joffrey and the Los Angeles Times.)

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