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Jackie's Picture Perfect

October 02, 1987|Fasion 87 staff

That modern-day Mona Lisa, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, cast her enigmatic smile in Listen's direction at a party in New York earlier this week celebrating the 90th anniversary of Doubleday, where Jackie, as we like to think of her, works as an editor. Trailed by her ever-present and presumably resident band of photographers, she wore a black-and-white silk dress that was definitely above the knee. Jackie wore black-tinted stockings and flat black shoes. Very regal-looking, we thought.

Alfre Puts on a Happy Face

It wasn't just excitement adding a glow to Alfre Woodard's complexion on Emmy night. We hear from skin specialist Ole Henriksen that the award-winning actress dropped in for a facial two days before show time. Woodard, a regular at Henriksen's Sunset Boulevard salon, received special attention from expert David Orr whose tricks of the trade include using a mechanical goat-hair brush. Woodard not only got the brush treatment, she was steamed with Bulgarian lavender and sesame-avocado extracts, then covered with a custom-tailored mask of juniper, basil, cypress and eucalyptus clay. The actress was back two days after the Emmy ceremony "for a little repair work from all the makeup," according to Henriksen. This time, however, she arrived with another salon regular: her husband, actor Roderick Spencer.

N.Y.-Style Block Party

You can take Jon Voight out of New York but you just can't take the New York out of him. At a recent New York-alumni block party in downtown Los Angeles, Voight played slap ball, flipped baseball cards and acted just like all the other transplanted East Coasters in the crowd. He was dressed in khaki pants, white tennies and what looked like an original letterman's jacket of gray and bright yellow. But when asked where the coat came from, Voight told Listen he bought it at Bullock's on sale.

What's Snood, Pussycat?

In the last month or so, we've noticed quite a few L.A. women whose hair styles feature one large ringlet falling right in front of their eyes. This is a very kittenish new

look, and we thought a very California one. Then we received exclusive, advance photos of Paris designer Sonia Rykiel's new spring collection, and quelle surprise: Rykiel's French model has a curl in the middle of her forehead. We sniff an international trend here, a phenomenon of men and women whose hair styles are inspired by nursery rhymes. What Rykiel's version has that our local one doesn't is a snood. That's a hair-net-like item very popular in the 1940s, worn at the back of the head to hold the style in place.

Latest in Home Shopping

Just call her Ann Jillian, the pack rat. When this actress begins filming her life story next week in Toronto, it won't be with the usual costume fanfare: Jillian will be grabbing her entire wardrobe from her own closet. The January, 1988, movie for NBC, entitled "The Ann Jillian Story," will cover the years 1974-1984 and will detail her fight against breast cancer. A Jillian associate tells Listen that she'll be wearing at least 30 outfits from those years. Gold star, Ann, for resourcefulness.

Stop Your Needling

First it was needlepoint and knitting that kept Joel Brooks busy between takes on "My Sister Sam." But as of last January, the actor tells Listen, he has expanded his repetoire to include one-of-a-kind jewelry with a purpose. Brooks and several industry friends make pins, brooches and bolo ties out of discarded costume jewelry and turn the proceeds over to various AIDS projects. In the past, the "Virgieware" has been sold on a wherever-whenever basis, but now there's a store where it can be found. Earlier this week, Bagz + on Melrose Avenue became the official outlet, thanks to the cooperative spirit of owner Larry Eisenberg. Customers pay for the jewelry, priced from $35 to $55, by check only, written to the AIDS organization of their choice. Based on past experience, business should be brisk. Brooks says he recently concluded a $750 sale of Virgieware that will be worn on future episodes of "Designing Women." And actress Marianne Muellerleile, one of Brooks' associates, says she just sold over a dozen pieces while working on an episode of "The Bronx Zoo." To keep their project going, the Virgieware crew needs donations of unwanted costume jewelry. Send to Joel Brooks, c/o "My Sister Sam," TBS Ranch, Warner Television, Trailer 41, 3701 Oak St., Burbank Calif. 91505.

He Didn't Bargain for This

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