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NFL's Players Want Their Cake and Eat It, Too

October 03, 1987

The nature of the strike by the football players of the NFL as it bears on the issue of free agency concerns fundamental rights afforded citizens of this country. All of us, excluding football, baseball and basketball players, have a right to engage in our work without restrictions imposed by the collusion of prospective employers as to where we will work and what we will be paid and giving only the choice to work or not to work.

The collusion of the NFL owners on the issue of free agency is not only a violation of the law, but is morally wrong. The owners justify this action on the grounds of parity among the teams, a position that has not factually been established but has gained credibility by repetition.

I would urge the players in their fight for free agency to do the following:

--Insist on unrestricted free agency; this includes no draft.

--Give the owners a week to accept.

--If the owners refuse to accept, contact new owners and form a new league immediately.


Santa Barbara

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