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Ode To The Tube

October 04, 1987

The following, in celebration (?) of the new fall TV season:

\o7 We'll have such fun

Oh, wait and see

Just you and me

And my big TV

We'll turn it on

We'll stay up late

We won't have to


We'll view a sitcom

Drink some wine

You take your place

I'll take mine

Or, watch the news

(so action-packed;

More entertainment

Than it's fact)

We'll be immobile

for hours on end

Just staring at

Our big-screen friend

We'll laugh and cry

Like marionettes

Programmed by

Our TV sets

Cable, Showtime


Who needs Steinbeck

or Thoreau?

You'll be my King

I'll be your Queen

Oh, by the light

of the giant screen


Los Angeles

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