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October 05, 1987

Sometimes your editorials make me see red, ("What Fools These Mortals Be," Sept. 30).

Now you presume to tell me who you think wrote William Shakespeare's plays. As if that settles it. Next you'll be telling the Chicago Cubs to play night games.

Shakespeare's plays are a subject far larger than an editorial. I can't think of many subjects that more has been written about, in fact.

It's obvious the guy didn't write anything. He was a stage hand, for crying out loud. He was a front man for Christopher Marlowe or Ben Jonson or any combination of real playwrights.

Just because The Times says he wrote the plays doesn't mean anything--just as your saying Columbus discovered America, or Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy proves that those events happened that way (they didn't).

So I'll leave you to your fantasy world and return to mine.


Mission Viejo

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