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Local News in Brief : Holm Also Calls In Sick

October 08, 1987

The case of Peter Holm vs. Joan Collins--or, can a former Swedish rock star live on less than $80,000 a month?--took unexpected turns Wednesday when:

- Holm phoned in sick from southern France, missing a crucial court hearing in Los Angeles in his bid to win $80,000 a month in temporary alimony from Collins, the TV actress and his ex-wife.

- Superior Court Judge Earl F. Riley accused Holm of "playing games" with the court and removed his case from the calendar, effectively erasing six months of potential alimony valued at $480,000.

- Flamboyant attorney Marvin M. Mitchelson, representing Collins, vowed to seek evidence from France that Holm was remarried several days ago to a 26-year-old Los Angeles woman named Cathy Wardlow, described as a former secretary to owner Jerry Buss of the Lakers professional basketball team. That evidence could render the whole alimony question moot.

- And Holm's attorney, Frank Steinschriber of Sherman Oaks, resigned from the celebrated, unruly case, later telling reporters, "(Holm) has never told me during the last several months where he's been."

And, oh yes, Superior Court Judge Frances Rothchild issued a bench warrant for Holm's arrest because of his failure to appear--an action intended to encourage his presence when the next scheduled round of the legal soap opera begins on Jan. 22.

All in all, Wednesday's winner clearly was Collins, the 54-year-old star of television's "Dynasty" series, who filed for divorce from Holm last Dec. 8. Attorneys agreed that the judge's action virtually ended Holm's chances of getting the $80,000 a month he had sought.

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