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Roll Call

The House

October 08, 1987

Aviation Trust Fund

By a vote of 197 to 202, the House rejected an amendment to increase spending on the nation's air-travel system by separating the aviation trust fund from the general budget.

The vote occurred as the House passed and sent to the Senate a bill (HR 2310) authorizing $28.5 billion over five years for purposes such as upgrading airport facilities, improving air safety, ensuring that small cities continue to get airline service and expanding the traffic-controller force.

About $5.6 billion, raised mainly by a tax on passenger tickets, resides in the aviation trust fund. This vote means it will remain unspent and counted against the annual deficit.

Supporter John Paul Hammerschmidt (R-Ark.) told his colleagues to support the amendment "if you want to do something to improve service, reduce delays and enhance safety."

Opponent Lawrence Coughlin (R-Pa.) said: "It is technical problems, not funding, that is holding up the modernization program of the Federal Aviation Agency."

Members voting yes wanted to force aviation trust fund expenditures.

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