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Compton : 2 Drug Houses Identified

October 08, 1987

More than 75 members of a Compton block club participated in a boisterous demonstration at Tuesday's City Council meeting calling for closure of two alleged drug houses.

Gwendolyn Julian, president of the Killen Place Block Club, told the council that the houses at 1937 and 1901 E. Killen Place are the center of drug and gang activities on the street.

August raids on both houses turned up substantial amounts of drugs, according to Compton police. Rock cocaine and marijuana were found at 1937 and marijuana at 1901, the police report said.

Owners of both houses denied there was any drug selling at their houses.

Izela Whitmore, the owner of 1937, told the council she lives in the house with her 15-year-old son. She said she does not stay there all of the time, however, "because people knock on the door at all hours of the night."

Willie Causey, who owns 1901, said he has smoked marijuana for 12 years, "but I don't grow mine, I buy mine."

The council voted unanimously to declare both houses public nuisances, the first step in what could eventually result in confiscation of the property.

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