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On 'Trek'

October 10, 1987

As much as I enjoy Howard Rosenberg, I regret to inform him that he has attained Klingon status with his review of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" ("New Series, New Stars, Tired 'Trek,' " Sept. 30).

The 2-hour premiere may have been deliberately paced, but "dull" and "thudding"? Come on, Howard, "Battlestar Galactica" this ain't!

It's so refreshing when a show is willing to take the time to develop its characters, including the bad guys--who often turn out not to be so "bad" after all.

I found the new "Star Trek" to be exemplary TV: intelligent, entertaining and classy. More humor would help, but that will come as the characters grow.

At last, "Star Trek" shows signs of living up to its original promise--and my money is on it. Let's just hope that the people at KCOP agree and move the show to a non-lethal time slot.

Now, about those Carrington and Ewing bozos. . . .



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