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A Close Shave With Nature: 6.1 Earthquake Rattles Southland

October 10, 1987

In the aftermath of the earthquake, I wanted to take this opportunity to praise all who were responsible for helping keep Los Angeles' damages and emergencies to a minimum. If Oct. 1 was any indication of what these trained professionals can withstand, then let me say they are all worthy of every ounce of praise and gratitude.

While there are many groups and people to address in a situation such as this, a brief summary is:

The Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments went beyond the call of duty to keep the majority of L.A. from being engulfed in flames; from being vandalized by looters; from mass hysteria and in general, reacting quickly to the quake, thereby avoiding many potentially dangerous incidents.

The television stations kept the public informed at all times and I'm sure helped ease a lot of fears.

For us commuters, radio stations provided a key link for up-to-the-minute information and allowed us to reach our destinations safely.

Schoolchildren were lucky to have such dedicated people attending to their tears and fears. Good news for petrified parents.

And Caltrans is to be commended for its round-the-clock efforts at repairing the damage done to the 5 Freeway and in allowing L.A.'s motorists to keep on rolling!

Others may scoff at our decisions to live with this threat but I say, great! Stay where you are and let this native revel in the dedication and quality of the people who make up the City of the Angels. Way to Go!


San Pedro

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