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October 11, 1987| Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production:

A BOY'S LIFE (Joseph Feury). Shooting in S. Carolina. Three children struggle with life as their father passes on just after selling the family business they expected to inherit. Producer Joseph Feury. Director Lee Grant. Screenwriter Monte Merrick. Stars Sean Astin, Melinda Dillon, Dermot Mulroney, Tim Quill and Daphne Zuniga. Distributor Hemdale.

BLUE JEAN COP (Shapiro). Shooting in NYC. A legal aide lawyer and Times Square cop join forces to quell a war between a drug dealer and a plainclothes police officer. Executive producers Leonard Shapiro and Alan Solomon. Producer Boyce Harman. Director/screenwriter James Glickenhaus. Stars Peter Weller and Sam Elliott.

BULL DURHAM (North State). Shooting in Durham, N.C. Kevin Costner is a minor-league catcher in a comedy about sex, success and sports. Executive producer David Lester. Producers Thom Mount and Mark Burg. Director/screenwriter Ron Shelton. Also stars Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: THE YEAR 2000 (tentative title) (Les Productions la Fete). Shooting in Hungary and Canada. Updated version of the familiar fairy tale with Fanny Lauzier as Hood, Pamela Collier as her mom and two wolves to contend with! Producer Rock Demers. Director Marta Meszaros. Screenwriters Eva Pataki and Meszaros.

MURDER ONE (S.C. Entertainment). Shooting in Toronto. Psychological drama and true story based on a series of violent crimes committed cross-country in 1973. Executive producer Syd Cappe. Producer Nick Stiliadis. Director Tex Fuller. Screenwriter Graeme Campbell. Stars Henry Thomas, James Wilder, Stephen Shellen and Errol Slue. Distributor Miramax.

MYSTIC PIZZA (Nightlife). Shooting in Mystic, Conn. Romantic coming-of-age comedy concerning three women who find that their little town of Mystic can hold some fabulous surprises. Producers Mark Levinson and Scott Rosenfelt. Director Donald Petrie. Screenwriter Randy Perry Howze.

OUTER HEAT (20th Century Fox). Shooting in L.A. Slightly futuristic action flick sporting James Caan as a tough L.A. cop and Mandy Patinkin as his alien partner. Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Richard Kobritz. Director Graham Baker. Screenwriter Rockne O'Bannon. Also stars Terence Stamp.

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