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October 11, 1987

I want to tell you how brilliant and personally meaningful Webber and Alexander's commentary was to me.

After seeing the film, I was very disturbed because of my strong identification with the character of Alex. There are many women who have suffered greatly and been driven to extreme psychiatric disorders because of cruel rejection by a man they loved.

Someone who has ever known the pain of being used as a convenience by someone they truly cared for, then discarded, ignored and neglected, can never realize the feelings of worthlessness, severe anxiety, panic and desperation a woman feels when this happens.

Glenn Close gave a magnificent performance as Alex. Some of her scenes are so emotionally powerful, I still cry when I remember them. It is a very unusual movie, unlike any other I have seen.

I hope many people see the film and discuss it and then read Webber and Alexander's article, which truly is the most painfully perceptive and insightful of anything I have yet read about this searing film.

Thank you for publishing it! Maybe one day some brave movie maker will have the courage to make a film even more sympathetic to the lost, hurt outsiders of the world like Alex.



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