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Letters Column, Land-Use Debate

October 11, 1987

I would like to express my appreciation for the public service The Times provides in the Letters column. This forum provides an opportunity for healthy debate.

Through debate in The Times and in personal meetings, Santiago Ranch management has developed a new balanced plan that has gained local support.

Development objectives will be balanced with environmental concerns of the community. Density increases will not be sought to reduce mass grading. Grading will provide topographical variation to achieve a "natural" look. About 90% of the oak woodland will be preserved.

An interim sand and gravel use will provide a local source of much-needed road base aggregates. Development will be deferred until several road improvements are completed.

The owners of Santiago Ranch wish to thank the special efforts of the community. We also appreciate the wisdom of Supervisor Gaddi H. Vasquez in encouraging us to sit down and come up with a balanced approach to land planning.


Newport Beach

Johnston is president of Morning Star Industries Inc.

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