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Bo Jackson Will Report for $500,000 Bonus, Then Join Raiders' Picket Line

October 13, 1987|MARK HEISLER

DENVER — The Raiders are getting a new superstar halfback named Bo Jackson this week, but times being what they are, you have to ask, which Raider squad? The one in or the one out?


Jackson intends to report to the team's El Segundo facility Thursday, take a physical and thus earn his $500,000 reporting bonus.

Then he says he will trip back over the line and join the striking players for their practices.

There were reports Monday, originating from a Birmingham (Ala.) Post-Herald story, that quoted Jackson as saying he would actually play for the strikebreaking team. However, a spokesperson for Jackson said he was denying that vehemently.

"He is not going to cross the picket line," said the spokesperson, an associate of Jackson's agent, Richard Woods, who asked not to be identified.

"He has no intention of doing that. Never did, never will.

"He will go out there and take a physical and practice with the striking team. There's no gray area, whatsoever."

Just before the end of his baseball season, Jackson was asked, by the Kansas City Times' Jonathan Rand, whether he'd cross a line.

Said Jackson: "Do I look like a fool? I don't think picket lines were meant to be crossed. You go out there (on a picket line) to establish yourself and make things better, and the people who cross the picket line are just being selfish. I'm not trying to criticize anyone but I'm not a selfish person."

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