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Reagan Sees Soviet Influence

October 14, 1987

Ironically, in this bicentennial year of celebrating our Constitution, many fear the loss of our constitutional democracy.

The Iran- contra hearings demonstrated the damage to our democracy when high officials did not comply with the rule of law in their pursuit of an anti-communist foreign policy.

Now we hear rumblings about our reconstituting congressional anti-subversive committees of the McCarthy period. Although the White House denied that Reagan advocates such a step, the President said: "Remember, there was once a Congress in which they had a committee that would investigate even one of their own members if it was believed that that person had communist leanings. Well, they've done away with those committees. That shows the success of what the Soviets were able to do."

Such anti-communism in our foreign and domestic policies poses a danger to our constitutional democracy.

Lest we forget, it was Adolf Hitler who wrote, "On the day when Marxism is smashed in Germany, her fetters will, in truth, be broken forever." "The fight against Jewish world Bolshevisation requires a clear attitude toward the Soviet Union. You cannot drive out the Devil with Beelzebub." ("Mein Kampf")

Most Americans know about the Holocaust as a tragic result of Hitler's racist policies. What many do not know or have forgotten is that it was Hitler's maniacal anti-communism that led to the fascist terror in Germany and World War II.


Santa Monica

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