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Jimmy Carter Casts an Eye Toward Fly Fishing

October 14, 1987|ELIZABETH MEHREN | Times Staff Writer

NEW YORK — In a literary effort his publisher likened to "Walden Pond," former President Jimmy Carter has agreed to turn his thoughts and his word processor to the topic of fly fishing.

Tentatively titled "Outdoor Journal," the book will be published on Father's Day, 1988. Bantam Books Hardcover said Tuesday no price has been established, and a spokesman refused to confirm that Carter, a four-time best-selling author, reportedly received an advance of $500,000.

Bantam Vice President Stuart Applebaum described Carter's new book as "the one he has always dreamed of doing, the book about his great passion, fishing--fly fishing and nature."

Calling it, "in many ways Carter's most personal book," Applebaum touted it as reflecting "that kind of elegiac, introspective quality, a la (Henry David Thoreau's) 'Walden Pond' ".

Publishing Circles

But others in publishing circles were more comfortable comparing it to Herbert Hoover's "Fishing for Fun."

Applebaum also hailed Carter's newest book as unique to the Bantam list, appealing to an enormous audience that is maniacally passionate about outdoor sports.

"Many within the publishing world feel that the next great popular trend in books is going to be relating to nature," Applebaum said.

He predicted that Carter's new book would follow in the tradition that has earned him "probably the best-selling track record of any former President."

Carter, Applebaum said, "is somehow able to communicate his passions and interests very effectively. Also, he vigorously promotes his books."

"Outdoor Journal" will be edited by Bantam senior editor Nessa Rapoport, who also edited Carter's first book for Bantam, "Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President."

His most recent book, "Everything to Gain: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life," was co-written with his wife, Rosalynn, and published by Random House.

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