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Mild Weather and Some Haze Will Continue

October 16, 1987|TINA CRAVAT | Times Staff Writer

County residents will experience a few extra days of haze because the weekend promises more of the same: mild temperatures, partly sunny skies in the afternoons, night and morning low clouds and some fog, according to forecasters.

"Temperatures will be mild, and the weather we're seeing now will give us an idea of what the weekend will be like," said National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara.

"High-level winds are very light and tranquil right now, so nothing seems to be moving," he said.

Though San Diegans can expect the usual morning low clouds to burn off by noon, fog is now in season, according to Shigehara.

"Late October and November is when we come to expect fog along the coast and in the inland areas, though it shouldn't cause any problems with air travel this weekend. It's not quite that bad yet," he said.

Lower-than-seasonable temperatures are expected through Sunday, though thermometers might rise to 75 degrees, which is average for mid-October, according to Shigehara.

"We struggled to hit 72 degrees at Lindbergh Field on Thursday, but San Diego has been experiencing cooler-than-usual temperatures all summer long," Shigehara said.

Coastal highs for the weekend will range from 69 to 75 degrees and lows will be in the low 60s, according at WeatherData, which provides forecasts for The Times.

Surf will remain at two to three feet, with ocean temperatures slipping to 67 degrees.

"Ocean temperatures are just starting to drop, but very slowly," said Mike Smith, a meteorologist at WeatherData.

"Along the beaches, fog may linger into the mid-afternoon so we may only have a brief period of sun," Shigehara said.

Inland valley temperatures will reach 80 degrees both days, with lows in the mid-60s.

Mountains and deserts will have clear, fair skies. Mountain highs will be 68 to 76 degrees, plunging at night to 37 to 45 degrees. Desert highs will be in the 85- to 95-degree range, with lows of 55 to 65 through the weekend.

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