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October 16, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

Safe Curves

"A little dumpy" is how Danielle von Zerneck saw herself as Ritchie Valens' love interest in last summer's film "La Bamba." Von Zerneck, who played Valley Girl Donna, tells Listen that she has since shed "a little of the baby fat." She got rid of 15 pounds, partly through a diet of bran muffins and veggies, and partly because "I broke up with my boyfriend." The New York-based actress, now 21, promises more mature depictions in 1988 films "Dangerous Curves" and "Wipeout."

It Makes Moon Shine

What do daughters of rock stars get as birthday presents? According to Lisa Sitron of PacTel InfoSystems in West Los Angeles, musician Frank Zappa recently bought a Compaq portable computer for daughter Moon's 20th birthday. "He bought it for her to put her song lyrics on hard disk," says the sales representative, who tells Listen that the senior Zappa invested in a second computer that day--for son Dweezil.

Sixties Saturday

Where can you find the best '60s fashions? This Saturday night, at least, they'll likely be in Orange County. About 50 outfits by fashion greats, such as Bill Blass, Christian Dior, Galanos and Geoffrey Beene, will be modeled at a gala celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Newport Harbor Art Museum and the 20th anniversary of South Coast Plaza. Town & Country magazine will host the invitation-only, $250-per-person evening, dubbed the "Timeless Art of Fashion." Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising will provide clothes from its costume library for the show, at South Coast Plaza's Crystal Court.

No Show

Listen ran into Ted Shackelford (Gary Ewing to fans of TV's "Knots Landing") at a downtown nightclub and found out a few things about him we didn't expect. He doesn't watch his own show, for one thing. He was at the club the night "Knots Landing" was on the tube. And he doesn't dance either, unless it's ballroom dancing. ("I took ballroom lessons in school," he told us.) So, just what does this tall, handsome TV-brother of J. R. Ewing do? He wears Giorgio Armani suits--he showed us the label--and he speaks a little German. " Sitz , platz and fuss " (that's sit, stay and heel) are the extent of his vocabulary. "It's just enough to get my German shepherd to move," Shackelford says.

Dynasty, After a Fashion

Half the crew of "Dynasty" crammed into Spago the other night for a swimsuit fashion show by Bare Assets. We wondered if they were all there researching a special seaside episode of "Dynasty," but that wasn't it at all. "You know how actors are about a free meal," Jack Coleman joked. Along with Coleman, Listen spied Emma Samms, John James, Terri Garber and Gordon Thomson from the soap. Also watching the show was Karen Witinski, public relations director for the California Mart. She dashed in and out, but talked to Listen long enough to ask of the "Dynasty" clan: "Did you see how they were dressed? Maybe the wardrobe people should dress them in their personal life too!"

What a Mesh to Be In

We hear Cher looks smashing in her new video, "I Found Someone." For a nightclub scene, she wears a mesh outfit complete with calf-length mesh socks and a custom-made silver belt. Los Angeles jewelry designer Lee Brevard made the belt out of leather and sterling-silver hearts: About 62 in all, he calculates. Quite a lot to fit around what he describes as Cher's "tiny waist." Seems the singer/actress is working out with a trainer and never looked better. Maybe that's why she treated herself recently to gold hoop earrings decorated with rare diamond crystals. Brevard says she liked the earrings so much, she ordered more--smaller and larger versions--and plans to wear them three pairs at a time.

Borg: Love to License

Bjorn Borg as the next Ralph Lauren? In characteristic style, the former Wimbledon champion isn't saying much. But he was dressed for business--clean-shaven, slicked-back hair, business suit, tie--and camped out at the Beverly Hills Hotel to find an American company to license his men's sportswear line (already available in Europe), tennis bags and two colognes: 6-Love and Bjorn Borg, which will probably be available here next year. Next up will be men's activewear (after all, his contract with Fila will expire at the end of the year) and shoes (but not tennis shoes, he says--maybe that's because he's pitching for Diadora tennis shoes). All the products come out of Borg's fully owned Bjorn Borg Design Group in Monte Carlo, where he employs four designers. What's next? "It's tough to say, maybe a car," says Borg. "I don't know, a resort, a hotel; I really don't know."

Shoes to Cleave To

Greg Evigan of the new TV sitcom "My Two Dads" went shopping to buy shoes and boots for his wife at Ciao shoes on Melrose Avenue. But, says Melissa Welles of Ciao, the women shopping in the store got more excited after Evigan left. That's when they talked it all over. "Here's this very attractive man shopping for his wife, which made everybody melt to begin with," Welles recalls. "He's wearing skintight jeans and a skintight T-shirt, and he's got the kind of body that can get away with it. And he says he likes low-cut shoes, with cleavage. Everybody melted even more." Welles says Evigan mentioned that he first heard about the store from someone he met at a party. "I meant to ask who it was, but I wasn't thinking clearly," she admits.

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