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Warning Signs

October 18, 1987

Recently the San Diego City Council and the County Board of Supervisors adopted legislation that requires the posting of signs warning pregnant women of the harmful effects of alcohol on their unborn babies.

The Assn. for Retarded Citizens, ARC-San Diego, wishes to commend these two legislative bodies for taking a gigantic step toward the prevention of mental retardation.

Approximately 50% of all cases of mental retardation can be prevented with appropriate prenatal care. The use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco during pregnancy can affect the developing system of the unborn baby. Clinical reports and studies over the past 12 years have confirmed that alcohol exposure poses a threat to the health of an unborn child.

As a result of the action taken by the supervisors and the City Council, the public will be informed of the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy, thereby reducing the incidence of "fetal alcohol syndrome" and "alcohol-related birth defects."

ARC-San Diego challenges other cities in San Diego County to adopt similar ordinances and do their part in the effort to prevent mental retardation.


Director of Community Affairs

Assn. for Retarded Citizens-San Diego

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