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Human Error

October 18, 1987

I'm sure that it was a misprint or a mistaken communication, but the recent Oct. 5 View section of the Los Angeles Times that depicted Guy McCaskie misidentifying a willet (a common bird here) for a great blue heron (also common) has provided the birding community with a chance to rib McCaskie unmercifully.

Comments like "Did you hear about Guy's great blue willet?" or "Maybe McCaskie should start birding with the little old ladies in tennis shoes until he learns the common birds" are samples of the jokes making the rounds.

The majority of your readers, however, are probably non-birders and didn't read the article for laughs. For those who might have been interested in learning to watch birds in the field, the local San Diego Audubon Society offers free guided field trips every weekend (and some weekdays). The general public is welcome and can call our office for more information regarding dates, times and places.

Guy is taking all of the kidding with good humor, and we won't let him forget it for a long time!

Thank you for printing an otherwise informative, well written article.


San Diego Audubon Society

Editor's note: Guy McCaskie is innocent. Our photographer made the misidentification.

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