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By The Numbers

October 19, 1987|DEBORAH CAULFIELD and Source: Forbes Magazine. | Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press

Forbes 400 1987 Dropouts

Hollywood buzzed last week with news of the annual Forbes Magazine's 400 richest people in America. As fortunes rise and fall, so do names on the list. Among those who were dropped from the annual list and how much the magazine says they were worth in 1986:

TV producer Dick (Richard Wagstaff) Clark, 57 $180 million

TV producer, liberal activist Norman Lear, 65 $225 million

TV producer Aaron Spelling, 64 $235 million

Motown Records chairman Berry Gordy, 57 $180 million

Show business' near miss:

Movie exhibitor Ted Mann, 64 $210 million

Holding on:

Movie producer-director Steven Spielberg, 39, at $225 million No. 399 on the list

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