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'Caps Set Wrong City Limits'

October 20, 1987

What audacity for two Los Angeles writers to suggest that San Diego should become as unlivable as Los Angeles by allowing unlimited urban growth. The authors have correctly identified the problems of unlimited growth but have proposed no viable solutions. However, criticizing the Interim Development Ordinance is being done in San Diego, as well, as many consider it too pro-growth.

Consequently, the local "Citizens for Limited Growth" organization is sponsoring a countywide voter initiative which would:

1) Place flexible limits on new construction based on the adequacy of public services, traffic flow, clean air and water.

2) Require a permit allocation system that favors community standards and values.

3) Impose development restrictions on sensitive lands such as wetlands, canyons and flood plains."

To suggest (as Peiser and Wingo have) that the above items only benefit a few affluent citizens is senseless.

Hopefully, San Diego will succeed in allowing the voters to decide growth-related issues instead of builders, developers and special interests.


Solana Beach

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