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'Stopping Sports Terrorism'

October 23, 1987

Sports franchises are owned by private individuals. Cities and states have no right to keep "their" team in toe. It is too bad that Robert Irsay had to sneak the Baltimore Colts away in the middle of the night. Davis was forced to go to court over the Raiders' move to Los Angeles.

This fiasco was a waste of taxpayers' money. The taxpayers are the innocent bystanders; either the tax money is being used for stadiums or for court costs.

But these same taxpayers are the recipients of the revenues and the entertainment of the franchises. Hotels and restaurants all do better with a franchise in town. Franchises also bring cities together. Fans support their team through thick and thin.

Why shouldn't cities build and fix stadiums for the teams? If Irwindale has enough willingness to entice the Raiders to change cities again, then I way, "More power to them!"

The possibilities of expansion teams bring a new twist to cities and stadiums. Should large cities build a stadium just in case they are fortunate enough to receive a new franchise? If they are willing to put up the money, they should. Look at the cities that have lost teams: Oakland and Baltimore are almost begging for expansion teams.

People love their sports. Sports franchises bring pride to a city and that is why everyone wants a team.


La Jolla

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