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To The Max

October 24, 1987

I was incensed at the cancellation of Max Headroom ("N-N-N-No M-M-More 'M-M-MAX,' " by Diane Haithman, Oct. 15).

Even worse is the fact that it is being replaced by two sitcoms.

I realize that the ratings were bad, but the ratings reflect the "average" American family, and some of us are not average! Some of us have had enough of sitcoms, cop and detective shows, soap operas, talk shows and miniseries.

Why can't one network set aside one hour a week for a program for people who actually think while they watch television and not merely vegetate?

Perhaps ABC canceled the show because of its rather Orwellesque view of television networks. This is hypocritical. Is not the media the guardian of truth in this country? Does it not keep people and organizations from gaining too much power?

How then, can any network, while retaining any sense of honesty to the public, try to hide the truth about themselves?


West Hills

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