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Limiting Jails to Santa Ana

October 25, 1987

The Times article (Oct. 15) in regard to the initiative that would limit all jails to Santa Ana emphasizes how irresponsible the canyon residents and County Supervisors Don R. Roth and Gaddi H. Vasquez can be.

The ability to raise money and hire a professional political consultant does not make the coalition right. There are reasons the initiative is unfair and never should be on the ballot.

Santa Ana already has a jail. The new induction and release center will soon open here. When the new jail is built in Gypsum Canyon, all inmates, after they have served their time, will still be released in Santa Ana. Santa Ana has done its fair share in keeping Orange County safe.

The various citizens' groups in the canyons are no doubt strong supporters of law and order, but they demand not to be asked to do their part in housing some of the criminal population of Orange County.

Environmental impact reports have no sites recommended as feasible for another jail in Santa Ana. The Gypsum Canyon site was found to be suitable by the environmental impact report and the County Board of Supervisors. Construction of a new jail has been delayed too long. No more time should be wasted in building this critical jail space.

Santa Ana does not have the room for any more jails. We need more schools built to solve the overcrowding in our classrooms. Any available sites should be used for schools not jails.


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