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School Buses and Halloween

October 29, 1987

Where and when can a hooker stand next to an admiral and be awarded a blue ribbon? Or a king of Siam be on the same terms with a bag lady?

Only at an annual Halloween parade at your local elementary school. It is the one time your child takes a look at society and makes a choice as to whom to be for that one grand hour of pure fun. When parading is a thing of joy because you are not yourself, but a make-believe, and in competition for a blue ribbon among your peers who seem to know more what is current and "going on" than the adults who are standing enthralled and watching.

The participants at this time are totally unaware that they come from six different elementary Los Angeles schools within a radius of 40 miles; that they represent 18 different languages and numerous cultures and countries and that their economic backgrounds are as diverse as the bag lady and the king. Much of this is made possible by the big yellow machines parked in front--the school buses.

They make it possible for our schools to have very enriched Halloween parades. And, oh yes, at the same time the many, many cultures of our city are being slowly and harmoniously mixed together into an all-American student body. Hats off to our school buses!



Rio Vista Elementary School

Los Angeles

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