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Glittering Work in Laguna : Artists Create Reflective Motif for Art Auction

October 29, 1987|BEVERLY BUSH SMITH

Artworks glistened and gleamed at "Reflections and Illusions," the Laguna Art Museum Junior Council's annual art auction and exhibition.

More than 100 California artists responded to the council's invitation to create a reflective motif, many using a sheet of Mylar mailed to them by the council.

Among the 300 art lovers to view the exhibit Saturday night were exuberant bidders who did some reflecting of their own, with comments such as, "Which work shall I bid on?" and "How high shall I go?"

Choices ranged from a cityscape in oil on plastic sheeting by Marco Sassone to "Reflecting on the Hole Truth," a gleaming steel sculpture by Hal Pastorius.

George Hurrell, photographer of the stars in Hollywood's heyday, said the level of creativity was high among the artists being exhibited. "Mylar is a challenge," said Hurrell, who incorporated the material with two of his photographs for the auction.

Guests pondered the artworks as they sipped wine and nibbled their way through a sumptuous buffet that included roast turkey with peanut sauce, lamb with mint jelly, a whole fresh tuna and a to-kill-for array of chocolate confections.

Then, charismatic auctioneer Richard File, who donated his time for the third consecutive year, got down to business. With winning bids ranging from $100 to $2,250, the council boosted the museum's art education program for children, with net proceeds of $30,000.

Among the night's more determined bidders was Dr. Jerald Einziger, a San Fernando Valley resident who paid the night's top price of $2,250 for "Reflecting on the Old, Fishing for the New," a watercolor on paper by Laguna Beach artist Scott Moore. Einziger also bought artist Antonio Arellanes' "Mirror and Reality."

Dr. John Kennady and his wife, Teri, the museum's board vice president of community events, were ecstatic about their purchase of a ceramic tile and mirror piece by Marlo Bartels. They said they had admired Bartels' work in museum director William Otton's home and the museum.

Kennady, who "got three-quarters of what I wanted tonight," also bought works by Ron Cooper, Patricia Turnier and Stephen Beck-Von-Peccoz.

Other bidders included Diane Nelson, Ken and Marla Bird, Mark Disman, museum trustee Nancy Baldwin, and Fullerton gallery owner St. An Lyon.

"Everyone's a winner here," museum director William Otton said during the event. "The buyer, the museum, the artist whose work is now in a new collection, the education program and the Junior Council."

Jenifer Burge and Melissa Heatly were co-chairwomen for the event, and council president Cathy Krinsky introduced the auction artworks to guests.

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