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Premonition Becomes $1-Million Reality for Woman

November 01, 1987|From Times Wire Services

SACRAMENTO — A San Diego woman who "had a feeling" that she would become rich was among two California residents who won Halloween treats of $1 million each Saturday on the California Lottery's "Big Spin" television show.

"I had a feeling that I'd win $1 million," said Ruby Perreira, 64, a San Diego homemaker who buys lottery tickets every week and is a regular bingo player. "I just had a feeling -- I really did."

Recently, Perreira said, she met a woman at her granddaughter's wedding who told Perreira that she envisioned her on television, playing the Big Spin. Perreira had experienced a similar premonition.

She said she and her husband of 44 years, Erlin, a retired tuna fisherman, will enjoy the money first and save part of it for their five grandchildren.

Perreira and the other winner, Carolyn Jo Wages, 40, who runs a telephone answering service in Woodland, will each receive after-tax payments of $40,000 annually for 20 years.

Perreira was one of three "Triple Chance" players Saturday, winning a shot at the wheel with tickets bearing letters matching those drawn during the weekly show.

The Triple Chance letters selected Saturday were "B," "R" and "S." Players holding tickets with those letters are eligible for $500 prizes and a chance to appear at the Big Spin.

The two new millionaires were among seven spinners who won $2.13 million total.

The grand prize, which jumps $25,000 every time someone misses it, went unclaimed for the 10th consecutive week. It will start at $4,275,000 next week.

Other winners at the Big Spin included: Daniel Prado, 39, of Cudahy, $50,000; Yvonne Bray, 45, of Benicia, $25,000; Jean Elsey, 55, of Stockton, $25,000; Lola Carden, 67, of San Jose, who doubled a $10,000 win to $20,000; and Harold Roe, 78, of Lompoc, $10,000.

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