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Area Ravaged by Blaze Survives Rain Showers

November 01, 1987

Scattered showers fell throughout San Diego County as promised Saturday, but not enough to cause any headaches in the fire-devastated Palomar Mountain area, which "held up real well, despite the rain," according to a spokesman for the county Office of Disaster Preparedness.

The area, monitored throughout the day by the county Office of Disaster Preparedness, experienced no flooding or mud slides, according to a spokeswoman.

Lindbergh Field measured .48 inch of rain at 4 p.m. Saturday, making this Halloween the wettest since 1927, when it measured 1.01 inches, according to National Weather Service forecaster Harvey Hastrup.

Clouds Expected

County residents can expect cloudy skies today, with the possibility of a little sunshine, said Janice Roth, a meteorologist at WeatherData, which provides forecasts for The Times.

The weather will continue to be mild. Coastal highs will range from 64 to 69 degrees, with lows dropping to around 57 to 61.

"Coastal showers will taper off in the morning, more quickly than they will in inland valley areas, which can expect showers till mid to late afternoon," Roth said.

Surf will remain at 3 to 5 feet, and the ocean temperature will be around 66 degrees.

Inland valleys will have highs from 65 to 74 degrees today, with lows falling to 56 and 62.

Mountain area highs will be a cool 50-69, with lows plunging to 35-48, and should receive light scattered showers throughout the day.

Deserts areas, also prone to light showers, are expected to have highs climb to 74 to 83 degrees, with lows dropping down to 48 to 56.

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