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Men Volunteer at Torrance Hospital

November 01, 1987

The article by Katherine Dyar (Times, Oct. 18) on hospital volunteers was read with much interest by the men and women volunteers at Torrance Memorial Hospital Medical Center. We thought the article was a fine tribute to the special kind of spirit that motivates both men and women to become involved in this important work in our community.

We congratulate our fellow volunteer, Forrest Nutter, on becoming the first male president of the Little Company of Mary Auxiliary, and we hope it will encourage other qualified men to explore the rewards of volunteering in all of our South Bay hospitals.

In addition to Little Company of Mary, Ms. Dyar's article stated, ". . . in the South Bay, both Bay Harbor and South Bay hospitals also have men working as volunteers. . . ."

Torrance Memorial Hospital Medical Center is also in the South Bay, and on behalf of the 63 adult and student males who are active and effective volunteers at our hospital, we are keenly disappointed the article made no mention of them.

We would like Ms. Dyar and the readers to know that not only was TMHMC the first hospital in the South Bay (we opened in 1925), but we have had male volunteers serving with distinction for nearly 15 years.


Auxiliary President

Torrance Memorial Hospital

Medical Center

(Editor's note: Several other South Bay hospitals have male volunteers, including Centinela Hospital Medical Center, Memorial Hospital of Gardena and San Pedro Peninsula Hospital.)

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