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Plight of the Homeless

November 01, 1987

Try as I might, I am unable to understand or justify your publication of Jacki King's self-serving piece.

I, too, am 43 and have earned a living for most of my life as a writer. Like King, I have suffered my share of rejection letters and dry spells, but I have never lived on the streets. . . . In times of adversity, I have held more than my share of menial and unfulfilling jobs.

It is obvious from King's feeble excuses for her failures that she sees herself as worthy of no less than a key anchor position on a major network. Frankly, I believe I ought to be at least as rich and famous as Judith Krantz. But unless and until that happens, I will continue to write ad copy, ghost speeches, wait tables or do whatever else is legal and necessary to keep a roof over my head.

Who puts King above all that? Whose fault is it that she can't (or won't) learn enough "medical terminology" to keep one decent paying job?

I am in sympathy with the homeless whose lack of education keeps them from mainstream society. I support social service programs that provide bread and board while training the trainable to join the work force. But I am sickened and appalled that a woman with King's background opts to live on the streets rather than take--or keep--any job she considers beneath her.

Shame on you, View, for giving her a forum for her shallow, whining claptrap!


West Covina

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