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By The Numbers

November 02, 1987|DEBORAH CAULFIELD | Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press

Ten Notorious Hollywood Lines: 1. "I'm sorry, but all the box-office receipts went toward distribution costs."

2. "Steven Spielberg has read the script and loves it."

3. "It's a great film, but the critics don't understand it."

4. "It's a great film, but the public isn't ready for it yet."

5. "It's not a bad film, it just needs to find the right audience."

6. "He doesn't drink while he's working."

7. "Don't worry, they won't sue."

8. "You'll never know a film crew had been here."

9. "It's just our standard contract."

10. "He's in a meeting."

Source: The L.A. Book of Lists

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