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Boeckmann Backs Robertson, Considers Joining Campaign

November 03, 1987|ALAN C. MILLER | Times Staff Writer

H.F. (Bert) Boeckmann, a major San Fernando Valley political fund-raiser and power broker, said Monday he is supporting television evangelist Pat Robertson's Republican presidential bid and is considering offers by the Robertson camp to serve as its California or Western chairman.

Boeckmann, a Los Angeles police commissioner, is considered the Valley's largest cash contributor to political campaigns. He is the multimillionaire owner and president of Sepulveda-based Galpin Motors.

Boeckmann said he is resisting overtures by Robertson's campaign until he is certain he will have time for a substantial role.

"I think they would like me to be chairman for the state or the Western region," Boeckmann said.

A spokeswoman at Robertson's national campaign headquarters in Chesapeake, Va., called Boeckmann "a very big key supporter" and said "several possibilities have been discussed." But, she added, "no formal offer has been made."

Boeckmann, a conservative Republican, has raised money for Ronald Reagan in the past three presidential races, for Gov. George Deukmejian's 1986 reelection campaign and for state Sen. Ed Davis (R-Valencia), among others. But he also has been a generous contributor to the campaigns of several Democrats, including those of Mayor Tom Bradley and state Sen. Alan Robbins of Van Nuys.

The 57-year-old Northridge resident said he was drawn to Robertson, whom he has known for some time, because of the candidate's conservative stance on social issues and other concerns.

Robertson, who has described his candidacy as "a calling of God," has stressed the need to "restore fundamental moral values."

Although Robertson is considered a long-shot candidate, the evangelist has tapped enthusiastic support among Christian conservatives in the Valley who have not been politically active previously, Boeckmann said. He predicted "surprising support" for Robertson in the Valley if the religious broadcaster is still in the race by the June 7 California primary.

Among the Valley residents Boeckmann said have signed on to support Robertson are pop singer Pat Boone, actor Dean Jones and actress Charlene Tilton, a one-time regular on the television show "Dallas."

Actress Rhonda Fleming and former professional football player and entertainer Rosey Grier also are Robertson backers.

Whether he will accept a post in Robertson's campaign depends on the progress of two major real-estate ventures, Boeckmann said. He is the principal investor in a 238-acre residential development in Brentwood and a 500-acre project in Puerto Rico that includes a casino, a golf course, a marina and condominiums.

He will get more deeply involved in the Robertson campaign if "I am at the point other people could handle" the real-estate projects, Boeckmann said.

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