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New Orleans GM Says If Dickerson Doesn't Produce, He's a 'Bum'

November 03, 1987|Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS — If Eric Dickerson is anything less than outstanding as a running back for the Indianapolis Colts, then "he's a bum," said Jim Finks, the New Orleans Saints general manager.

The Rams traded Dickerson to the Colts on Saturday after Dickerson's constant complaints that he was unable to play well for the salary he was making with the Rams.

Dickerson signed for four years for a figure that Colt General Manager Jim Irsay said makes him the highest-paid running back in league history. Dickerson is reportedly getting about $1.1 million a year with the Colts.

Dickerson rushed for 38 yards in 10 carries Sunday against the New York Jets.

"I think Eric Dickerson, now, has to put up or shut up," Finks told the New Orleans Quarterback Club on Monday. "He betrayed the organization that was so good for him for the first five years, and went to the organization that paid the most money.

"I don't think Indianapolis or anybody else ought to accept anything other than outstanding.

"He did something that, as far as I am concerned, is almost unforgivable, and that is putting the dollar bill before your play.

"He took the dollar bill and ran. Now, I want to see him produce, and I think anything other than that, and he's a bum," Finks said.

"Nobody likes to be forced to trade a special talent like Eric Dickerson. You don't get a talent like that very often," Finks said.

"I think the Rams' organization did a great job of eliminating a liability and coming out of it with a bushel basketful of draft choices. That bodes well for them in the future and not so well for us, because we are in the same division."

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