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November 04, 1987

Anaheim 137 of 137 precincts reporting

Measure A: Shall the city be authorized to issue revenue bonds, not payable from property taxes, in the amount of $14 million for water system improvements?

Votes % Yes 5836 82.0 No 1273 17.9

Costa Mesa 51 of 51 precincts reporting

Measure C: Shall the city's appropriations limit be increased to provide for pedestrian safety and community improvement?

Votes % Yes 3892 63.3 No 2255 36.6

Cypress 26 of 26 precincts reporting

Measure D: Shall an ordinance restricting land use amendments be adopted?

Votes % Yes 3190 53.5 No 2763 46.4

Irvine 62 of 62 precincts reporting

Measure E: Shall the city's charter be amended to provide for direct election of the mayor?

Votes % Yes 4486 54.1 No 3791 45.8

Measure F: Shall an ordinance establishing a $150 basic limitation on campaign contributions be adopted?

Votes % Yes 6269 77.9 No 1772 22.0

Stanton 16 of 16 precincts reporting

Measure G: Shall a special tax be levied on property for the purpose of providing police protection?

Votes % No 747 54.8 Yes 614 45.1

Dana Point/Laguna Niguel 5 of 5 precincts reporting

Measure H: Advisory vote only. In an upcoming incorporation election, residents of the communities of Dana Point and Laguna Niguel will have an opportunity to vote on whether to incorporate as new cities. They will be allowed to vote for or against incorporation of either Dana Point or Laguna Niguel, but not both. This advisory measure allows them to choose the proposed city in which they wish their residences included.

Votes % Dana Point 1341 61.2 Laguna Niguel 847 38.7

Tustin 1 of 1 precinct reporting

Measure L: Shall an annexation order adopted by the City Council, designated as Prospect-Vandenberg Annexation No. 141, be confirmed?

Votes % Yes 183 70.6 No 76 29.3

Mission Viejo 42 of 42 precincts reporting

Measure M: Shall the proposed city of Mission Viejo be established?

Votes % Yes 7509 57.2 No 5611 42.7

Newport Beach 55 of 55 precincts reporting

Measure N: Shall the city be authorized to enter into leases having a term not to exceed 50 years and a return based on fair market rent in Beacon Bay?

Votes % Yes 3091 82.5 No 654 17.4

Three Arch Bay Community Services 2 of 2 precincts reporting

Measure P: To provide storm drain facilities, shall the community services district be authorized to 1) incur a bonded indebtedness not to exceed $1.8 million and 2) levy a special tax?

Votes % No 100 51.8 Yes 93 48.1

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