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Medical Clinics of Tijuana

November 05, 1987

You mention the Cancer Control Society. I have been a member of this organization ever since it was founded, and I make it a priority to attend the convention every year.

I find the lectures interesting and very informative, and consider this organization a valuable part in maintaining my good physical condition. It seems to me that it is everyone's responsibility to keep healthy--the medical and hospital bills are beyond my ability to pay.

Why are you so negative about an organization whose principal purpose is to advise everyone to eat a whole range of nutritious foods, including fresh vegetables and fruit, exercise, and to keep our bodies clean both inside and outside?

For you who prefer the "orthodox treatments"--fine, we want you to have them. But don't deny me my preference.

You seem to be concerned about a charge of $2,000 for treatments, food and lodging for a week. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. would cost a great deal more.

Your articles were most unfair. You have made no attempt to learn and write about the many, many people who have been helped by the "alternate" treatments.



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