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TUSTIN : Focus : Turn of the Century Charm

November 05, 1987

One of the oldest cities in the county, Tustin is known for its small-town flavor, with homes that reflect the roots of its settlers--ornate Victorians mingle with Craftsman-style bungalows and Spanish ranch homes on wide tree-lined streets. In 1981, the city chose to accent its rich mix of architecture with a $1.8 million downtown area renovation, that in turn sparked private rehabilitation of homes like the Hewes House on South B Street and the Maurer Office Building at Yorba Street and Irvine Boulevard. But Tustin will soon outgrow any small town label next year, with the $1-billion residential and commercial development of East Tustin, a 1,820-acre parcel of hilly pasture land annexed to the city in the mid- '70s. Bulldozers and construction crews are completing the first homes in East Tustin, which will be home to some 20,000 people--pushing Tustin's population to 62,000 by the year 2000.

City Services

City Hall, 300 Centennial Way, 544-8890

Police (business), 300 Centennial Way, 544-5424

Fire (business), 744-0400

Post Office, 341 E. First St., 544-5170

In Emergency, Dial 911


City Council: Richard B Edgar (mayor). Ursula E. Kennedy (mayor pro tem), John Kelly, Ronald B. Hoesterey

City Manager: William A. Huston

Chief of Police: Charles R. Thayer


Population: (1986 estimate) 35,152

Area: 10.8 square miles

Incorporation: Sept. 21, 1927

Median household income: $27,221

Median home value: $119,787

Racial/ethnic mix, white, 88.0%; Latino, 8.7%; black,2.7%; other, 9.3% (Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap)

Employment status

Employed persons: 16,898

Unemployed: 715

Not in labor force: 6,118

per capita income: $9,521

Neighborhood mobility Household moved in:

Most recent year: 2,071

Last five years: 4,986

6-9 years ago: 1,436

10-14 years ago: 977

15+ years age: 590

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics

Researched by Rick Vanderknyff, Danielle Fouquette, Nancy Reed, Henry Rivero, Deborrah Wilkinson, Phil Nelson /Los Angeles Times

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