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Harvard Slips Past Lompoc in Volleyball

November 05, 1987|STEVEN FLEISCHMAN | Times Staff Writer

Harvard High's 8-5 victory over Lompoc in the opening round of the Southern Section 2-A playoffs Wednesday was not water polo at its best.

Damon Willick led the Saracens with five goals, but the match was marked by bitter complaining from both coaches about the officiating.

"That was the absolute worse officiating I have ever seen," said Kevin Hicks, Lompoc's coach. "The two referees were completely amateurs."

The call Hicks complained about most fiercely came late in the first period when Brandon Stonebraker, who runs Lompoc's offense, was ejected for the remainder of the game on a major infraction for roughness.

"You just don't eject a guy on an offensive foul," Hicks said.

But Hicks wasn't the only one complaining. Saracen Coach Richard Corso was infuriated when Greg Magnuson took a shot to the eye late in the fourth period after Willick scored to give Harvard a 6-4 lead.

"I don't know what he's complaining about," Corso said. "I might have lost one of my best guys because the ref turned his back after the point was scored. The ejection ratio was 5-0 at one point, in his favor."

Harvard jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter before Steve Schmidt scored for Lompoc with 5:26 left in the second period. Lompoc (14-8) closed the score to 5-4 when Schmidt scored again with 3:47 left in the period.

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