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Attitudes On Civil Liberties

November 06, 1987|Clipboard researched by Rick VanderKynff, Nancy Reed, Henry Rivero, Deborrah Wilkinson / Los Angeles Times

Local opinion on civil liberties is heavily against government intrusion into the private lives of adults, with over three-fifths of Orange County residents standing against the regulation of their sex lives and of the banning of pornography for adults. County residents, however, were likely to favor a ban on the distribution of pornography to minors. Over three fourths of those who believe the government should take a hands-off attitude believe that homosexuality should be legal. The opinions cut across any political or social distinctions, but women were more tolerant of homosexuality than men were (70% to 63% respectively) while men were more tolerant of pornography than women were (64% to 48% respectively). Also, the 25 to 44 year age group held the most tolerant views of any of the other age groups.

Homosexuality Should Be Legal


Orange County--67%

Pornography for Adults Should Be Legal


Orange County--62%

Government Should Not Interfere

Orange County--63%

Each of the county's regions expressed differing views regarding Orange ounty's most serious problem. About 70% of South County's residents most often mentioned traffic and growth as the county's biggest problem; these were also most often mentioned by frequent newspaper readers. Crime and immigration was most often cited by residents in the Central region. Immigration also weighed heavily on the minds of the Western County residents. Crime was also most often mentioned by those under 35 years old, and by those in the lower income brackets. A relatively small portion of the over-55 residents, as well as those with higher incomes, expressed concerns over crime.

Traffic Congestion--38%

Population Growth and Development--20%





Children's Issues--3%

Source: 1986 Orange County Annual Survey

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