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Interest In News

November 07, 1987

Orange County residents, many of whom are educated and consider themselves to be in the higher social classes, are largely interested in national rather than local news. Fifty-five percent of the county's population claim that national news interest them the most, compared to 39% who prefer local news. Of those why expressed more interest in local rather than national news, however, most prefer by a wide margin to get it through newspapers rather than television, which comes to the county mostly from Los Angeles. Overall, 63% of the county's population read newspapers daily, compared to 54% nationwide, again because of the county's high social and education profile.

Most interest:

National: 55%

State: 6%

Local: 39%

Least Interest:

National: 27%

State: 35%

Local: 38%

Source: 1986 Orange County Annual Survey

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