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'If Peace Breaks Out'

November 08, 1987

The Arana column, The Times says, "is one in a series of articles examining prospects for postwar Central America." This first in the series, written by a Managuan, must have been delivered with the Sandinistas' "blessings."

The article, in true communist style, finds it so very difficult to accept the "private sector" or "opponents" as political, participative forces.

In its own words, it says, "At this point in our history, favoring the entrepreneurial part of the private sector at the expense of the popular sectors would be beyond any government's ability."

A second article, "Wary Optimism in El Salvador," written by Arnoldo Villafuerte, a businessman in El Salvador (Oct. 27), more realistically describes the issues and possible solutions confronting the people of Central America.

The real issue is whether the peace will be crafted under communist control, or will the peace be reached via a free, democratic process that will allow divergent, thinking people to reach an understanding of their problems through cooperation and compromise, and then freely elect a leadership that will provide the mechanisms for safety, economic needs and freedom.

It's apparent that the Sandinistas would prefer to hold out for the "they know what's good for the people" communist approach.

Others within Central America, supported by the United States, prefer the democratic approach that brings with it freedom.

If the people of Central America are allowed to choose freely and peacefully, there's no doubt what path they would elect.


Newport Beach

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